Friday, August 27, 2010

The college group at Government Street Baptisit Church participates in an Expo each year at the University of Mobile. The purpose of the Expo is to introduce new students to local churches and businesses. This year, the G-Street YAMs (Young Adult Ministry) gave away cookies to people that visited their booth and raffled a cookie bouquet. The cookies were also given away at a progressive dinner where new students from University of South Alabama had dessert at the church.

The Old State Capitol Building in Baton Rouge Louisiana

Cookies headed to The Old State Capitol Building in Baton Rouge Louisiana.
There are new exhibits- one featuring the life and politics of Huey Long, who served as Louisiana's Governor from 1928-1932. He was shot in 1935 at the State Capitol Building and died 2 days later.

Sarah Morgan lived in Baton Rouge during the Civil War and kept an extensive diary of her experiences. Morgan’s life is evoked in “The Ghost of the Castle,” a new exhibit at the Old State Capitol which uses technology to figuratively bring Morgan back to life.